Monday, August 16, 2010

Blogger's Block

So - how does one do it? How do you make your every day tasks and observations into wonderful stories? Tips? Anyone?


Marcheline said...

Hey Dragonfly-

I've found the best way is to take lots of digital photos, and then just put your thoughts around them.

When you don't have a photo of your own, "google" your topic of choice and see what photos are out there that might fit your mood - then copy and paste!


P.S. Don't feel bad for Michael Jackson. He's dead.

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Thanks Marcheline! I will give it a try!

Linda said...

Yup, photos are the way. I certainly couldn't blog without them (but then I do have a photo blog!)

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Thanks Linda!

Exmoorjane said...

Just start writing....minddump...see what happens! Do 'morning pages' as Julia Cameron suggests, write something, anything, for 20 minutes or so first thing in the morning and see what happens.
But really came over to say a big thank-you for your lovely words on my blog.... :)

Susan said...

Hi, It's funny you know I started blogging because I needed a spot on the web to upload submissions to Illustration Friday (which I never did do). I've always been a compulsive journal writer and also crazy about taking photos. As of today since July 13 2008 I have posted 1184 times (every day except one or two since then). I do treat my blog as a journal. I always wrote a bit in a paper journal early in the morning with my coffee, just wrote what ever was on my mind. Some bit of exciting news, how my business was going, current projects and more often some worry or fret that I was having and somehow writing it down helped me to deal with it.

It's exactly the same with my blog. The images are essential because I am a very visual person but most often they aren't at all related to the text and the text is just what ever wandering thoughts I'm having at that particular moment, always early in the morning between 5:30 and 7:00am. It has worked for me to allow myself to be very personal and open on my blog. That is who I am. There are occasional times that I press publish and walk away worrying that perhaps I've been too honest, revealed too much ... but I never go back and edit or delete mostly because it is a daily meditation of sorts. What I've said is just one tiny snippet of thought & feeling isolated from one day. So ... I leave it, I let it go knowing confidently that I'll have something new & different to say the next day

I'm not sure if this is at all helpful. My advice is to speak from your heart, try not to worry about what others will think (I'm still unsure what I think of having comments because I do think we grow to crave and rely on getting them).

Dragonfly Dreams said...

Thank you SO much Jane and Susan! Great tips and I am anxious to put all of these to work for me!