Monday, January 3, 2011

Getting On...

It was back to work today, after a week and a half of much needed down time. Although there was a flurry of activity around Christmas, the days this past week or so stretched before me like taffy, and I took full advantage of not being "obligated" to do this or that. Yes, it is true that I laid low and decadently stayed in my pajamas well past the appropriate time of day on more than one occasion.

No matter, I thought, I won't be having company or going anywhere, at least for awhile. Unless I wanted to, that is.

Which, as I am sure you can imagine, made this Monday so difficult.

Rest assured, I dressed as comfortably as was allowed at the college today, jauntily wearing the beautiful scarf my sister gave me for Christmas.

Alas, I am suffering a bit this evening. I was back in my pajamas by 7:00,and it is not even 9:00 p.m. now. Unfortunately, my eyes (and weary body) are no match for my usual greeting of the "owl." I fear I shall be retiring soon, to read the Ian Rankin I downloaded last night, and will most assuredly be asleep well before 10:00.

Does this mean I am getting old?


Happy 2011!

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