Tuesday, October 30, 2012

If the antics of Sherman and Peabody, who were owners of a "way-back machine," were any indication, time has a way of being fluid.


Einstein, one of the smartest guys I know of, believed there was a "space-time continuum" (or is that Sheldon, from the "Big Bang Theory") (or both?) in that time is like a river, flowing in eddies and currents, traveling sometimes backwards, forwards, stopping, and starting, slowly and quickly, but not always in the same direction, or the same speed.



H.G.Wells wrote his amazing book of touring through time around the same period that  Jules Verne envisioned a time of fantastic travel.


Thinking about these possibilities, I firmly believe that I have been a passenger in one of these time machines. Otherwise, I wouldn't be wondering where in the world my summer went since my last posting.


Avast! I say, Avast! My time ship beckoned and I apparently boarded.


Of course, I did have a multitude of activities which kept me busy during those extremely hot days of summer.


 A visit from my mother-in-law and her friend in June, with wonderful day trips into the Rocky Mountains, including Rocky Mountain National Park:


A three-day trip to Yellowstone National Park and Grand Teton National Park in July:



And August! So much was done in August, the most time consuming one being the packing up and moving from my lovely downtown loft to a two-story town home in the suburbs.

 The Loft...

 The Town home...

September? Ah, those warm days of September, when we visited the humane shelter and adopted a one-year-old, purebred black Labrador Retriever. (Getting to know him these past several weeks, however, has made me seriously pondering if he isn't really crossed with a sloth...but that is another story...)

Now that things seem to have settled down quite a bit (other than a contentious presidential race) I am planning to devote more time to reading my list of lovely blogs again, and posting!

  Suffice to say that I have (as yet) fallen off the face of the earth.

But who knows? December 2012 is just around the corner...



Friday, July 20, 2012

I Heart Rebus

Netflix has finally added something truly supurb to its repertoire - Rebus.

And, as much as I adore the darling John Hannah, He Is Not Rebus, although I didn't complain too much while watching the first four episodes...

Now, Ken Stott on the other hand IS Rebus. He owns the character and is very much how I pictured Rebus while reading the books.

What's more, the newer DS Soibhan Clarke and Gill Templer have also been recast to perfection.

Have I said that I love Rebus? I have nine more delicious episodes to go!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Colorado is on Fire...

The drought we have been suffering lately has produced one of the worst forest fire seasons in Colorado.

Just this last weekend, there were eight active wildfires in the state:

High Park Fire - 83,205 acres with 45% containment
Weber Fire - 8,300 acres
Waldo Canyon Fire - 2,000 acres with 0% containment
Treasure Fire
Springer Fire
Woodland Heights Fire
State Line Fire
Little Sand Fire

Half of the nation's brave firefighters are in the state helping us control the destruction and devastation.

May and June have set a state fire record with the most homes lost.

We are nearing the end of June with the hottest and driest part of the summer ahead of us.

Rain would be a blessing.

Pictures provided by www.cbsnews.com and www.google/MODIS/wildfire_today

Friday, June 22, 2012


One Dragonfly....


Three, Four, Five, Six, Seven...

Eight, Nine, Ten (2), Eleven, Twelve, Thrteen, Fourteen, Fifteen...


Fairies surrounded me for quite a long time but, in an immature sense of maturity (or so I thought), I gave most of them away to a wonderful friend of mine. But I did keep a few cherished ones... (and, by the way, my wonderful friend ALSO loves Dragonflies)...

Can there be too many?

                                                            I don't think so either.

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Young At Heart....

Just a quick post here.

I shot these photos on the free mall shuttle on my way to have lunch with my sister. Please excuse the blurriness - they are not your (nor my) eyes that are going, it is simply because I was quickly snapping them on my cell phone while moving...and the pot holes didn't help.

In case you don't have super, carrot-amplified eyes, the sweet older lady is wearing a pair of Cat in the Hat Crocs....

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vivi-Me is Ready to Fly!

Yarrow, from Oakmoon Studio at oakmoonstudio.blogspot.com (check out her blog, she is quite creative and her work is superlative!) has agreed to be the inaugural hostess for my dear friend, Vivi-me!  

Once I heard the great news from Yarrow,  I quietly whispered the news in Vivi-me's ear. She was rather exhilarated and  was nearly insufferable for a while, bouncing about on the chaise.

However,  she finally nodded off, as did I.

It took me a day (or two) to gather things up and I mentioned to her just last night that she only had a few more days left here in Colorado before she went on holiday.

Ever the want-to-be-worldly traveler, she and I discussed her impending trip to the beautiful United Kingdom over bagels and coffee this morning, with me imparting great wisdom such as "don't make a nuisance of yourself and stay up all night," and "make sure you say please and thank you," and "write!" She, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber and took it all in stride as she had already planned out her day with her own preparations.

Like booking her flight...

And packing (with special gifts for Yarrow from Colorado)...

And saying a tearful goodbye to the cat...

But then she made it clear that she was quite anxious to get going...

So, by this time tomorrow, she should be boxed up in her all-in-one luggage and on her way to Yarrow's house for some wonderful and exciting adventures!

And hopefully, she will be a such a superb guest, someone else out there in blogland will invite her into their home too!