Monday, January 23, 2012

Excuses, excuses, excuses....

I really do have so many jottings scattered around on things to blog about but just haven't had the time gumption to do so.

Here are my excuses reasons:

Having not had my contract renewed and my position phased out last June and subsequently joining the ranks of the unemployed, some might say I have had plenty of time to muck around on the keyboard.


I have been busy, you know....there was the downsize in living quarters, an acclimation to the "life of leisure," the scramble every two weeks to apply for jobs to receive unemployment (or even better, a job), family crisis (you just wouldn't believe the excitements there), a move and acclimation to a different type of lifestyle, reading great books on my iPad, finding fun apps and playing silly games, watching movies on Netflix, and then there was Halloween and Thanksgiving and the scurry to craft just the right thing for everyone on my Christmas list and all the things that go with the holiday season and...and....and.......

Okay. You've got me. It's time to stop making excuses reasons to NOT do what I really would enjoy doing.

Hence, one of my resolutions for the new year is to make an appointment with myself to do specific things every day and/or week.

Like pursuing one brilliant idea within my creative self that has been inside of me (I have let this idea out on occasion, gotten quite excited about it and then, when I realized that I might really do it, I've always chickened out and thrown it back in its crate for a couple more years. After all, what happens to the dream when I really do it? What happens if it fails? Or even succeeds? I would have to think up another dream, right?) (Yes, I wrote a jotting to myself that the dream will fail for certain if I don't do it...but that was a few months ago. And yes! The idea really does have merit!) And to makes matters worse, I have the complete support to pursue this dream from my husband but time is certainly apt to run out on this. (whispers to self "Do it now, do it now, now or never" yet the fear is still there to start..) Why is that?

I also always enjoyed reading my favorite blogs daily and sadly, that too has fallen by the wayside. I am lucky to play catch up every two to three weeks. Why is that?

I want to blog more too. I love the comments I have received on my past posts and feel closer to the "world." Blogging reminds me when I was in elementary school and searched for pen pals to write to in far off countries. To live vicariously in another culture through new eyes. I remember two special pen pals - one in Canada and one in British Honduras. I was always ecstatic to find a letter from each of them in the mail, trading our pre-pubescent thoughts on our special stationary. Unfortunately, I lost contact with both once I entered junior high school, although still to this day worry that the earth quake in British Honduras affected my pen pal there since I never heard from her after that.

So, I do have many appointments I need to make with myself and the only way I think I can funnel myself there is to make concrete time for them (although, time is not concrete is it?)

My apologies to those of you who have added me to their reading list but never fear - I am going to...


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