Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Young At Heart....

Just a quick post here.

I shot these photos on the free mall shuttle on my way to have lunch with my sister. Please excuse the blurriness - they are not your (nor my) eyes that are going, it is simply because I was quickly snapping them on my cell phone while moving...and the pot holes didn't help.

In case you don't have super, carrot-amplified eyes, the sweet older lady is wearing a pair of Cat in the Hat Crocs....

Gotta love it!

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Vivi-Me is Ready to Fly!

Yarrow, from Oakmoon Studio at (check out her blog, she is quite creative and her work is superlative!) has agreed to be the inaugural hostess for my dear friend, Vivi-me!  

Once I heard the great news from Yarrow,  I quietly whispered the news in Vivi-me's ear. She was rather exhilarated and  was nearly insufferable for a while, bouncing about on the chaise.

However,  she finally nodded off, as did I.

It took me a day (or two) to gather things up and I mentioned to her just last night that she only had a few more days left here in Colorado before she went on holiday.

Ever the want-to-be-worldly traveler, she and I discussed her impending trip to the beautiful United Kingdom over bagels and coffee this morning, with me imparting great wisdom such as "don't make a nuisance of yourself and stay up all night," and "make sure you say please and thank you," and "write!" She, on the other hand, was cool as a cucumber and took it all in stride as she had already planned out her day with her own preparations.

Like booking her flight...

And packing (with special gifts for Yarrow from Colorado)...

And saying a tearful goodbye to the cat...

But then she made it clear that she was quite anxious to get going...

So, by this time tomorrow, she should be boxed up in her all-in-one luggage and on her way to Yarrow's house for some wonderful and exciting adventures!

And hopefully, she will be a such a superb guest, someone else out there in blogland will invite her into their home too!

Monday, May 14, 2012

This Is IT! (Drum Roll........)

Laaaaadies and Gentlemen!

Today, for the first time in Dreams of the Dragonfly history, I will amaze you, surprise you, and tantalize you by introducing you to a lovely new friend of mine!

But first, a bit of background information. She and I have been getting acquainted for the past few months here in the loft after she arrived as a thought in my head. Yes, her arrival was expected, yet unexpected in the way she rather took over my life.

With her patience, and gentle understanding, I was able to take my time in nudging her here and prodding her there by taking out and redoing countless hand stitches in order to find her inner beauty. It's true, I became a bit of a "plastic" surgeon as I crafted her, added to her and subtracted from her, as I helped her in choosing her sublime retro look and plucky pizzazz.

After completing her "look" it was of no surprise to me when she adamantly insisted that no self-respecting woman of the world would ever be without her specially tailored all-in-one luggage.  With her suggestions, I have made sure, as she flits about on her travels, that she can rest like royalty and have enough room for her lovely "souvenirs" she is planning to pick up.

So now, without further ado, I introduce to you......


Stitched entirely by hand, Vivi-me is a soft-sculpture doll with a flair for the dramatic. I carefully chose her "era" of the Roaring Twenties and, with some careful research, I was able to recreate the nuances of that time. From her fringed dress, to her feather-edged cape, to her rolled stockings and bobbed hair, Vivi-me is now ready to kick up her felt-covered heels and have some fun.

So, given that she has had her fill of the loft and is anxious to be off on new adventures,  she is respectfully asking you out there in blogland who would like to be her inaugural hostess. She wants you to know that she is not one to wear out her welcome and intends to spend only a week or two in one place as she is quite anxious to discover new places and meet new friends. She would fancy a picture or two as well, whether it would be in your marketing bag or on the sand of your nearest beach!


Also, when she visits your home, would you be so kind as to post about her visit on your blog so that she might get an invitation to visit next with someone you know? (Now how much fun would that really be?!!!)
And, of course her transit will be covered by me to where ever she first lands, and I would be happy to reimburse her hostesses for travel costs once she starts visiting other homes.

 So do tell...who would like to make Dreams of the Dragonfly history and be the first hostess?

(And yes, if you are interested, I would be happy to make you your very own mini. My dream is to do this type of work under the name Uradall! Just let me know if you are interested!)