Sunday, April 28, 2013

Colorado Spring

Typically, if this were a usual year in Colorado, Spring has already made its appearance with the struggle of buds to expel their brilliant green leaves, and the tulips, grape hyacinth and daffodils are already bobbing their heads in the breeze.

However, after an unusually warm January and February (except for the standard below zero day or two during the National Stock Show held every January in Denver, and the expected week of frigid temperatures in February) we were thinking that we were, once again, subject to the whims of global warming. Shorts and sleeveless shirts were being worn, sandals were swept clear of their spider webs, and the parks were filling up with the shouts of children playing, the zings of baseballs being thrown, and the smells of frankfurters and hamburgers being grilled on hibachis.

Even the Ground Hog (who has since been slapped with a lawsuit for false advertising) declared that Spring was soon on its way at the beginning of February, and March seconded that opinion by coming in like a lion.

One could then assume that warmer weather would soon follow, and that the month would gracefully exit like a lamb. Right?


The snow storms started coming with regularity each Monday afternoon and then, as if on schedule, moved out each Tuesday evening/Wednesday morning. This odd pattern didn't let up for six weeks.

(Dudley enjoying an early April snow...)

(April 24, the morning after our storm last week)


(There was a delightful sound of many different waterfalls)

(Not as much this time and melting very quickly)

(These poor little purple beauties are buried)

In an average year, Denver gets 9.0 inches of snow in April with a seasonal average of 57.5. This year, just for April, the total accumulation was 20.4 inches and 75 inches for the year. It also rivaled the coldest in the history of the State.

But then...the sun came out and a mere two hours later...)


Seven times I have hung the heavy black poofy winter coat up in the closet. Six times it has come out again for its extreme warmth-giving properties for my husband to wear as he commutes via the light rail train into downtown Denver.
Six times the walks have been shoveled, the cars have been cleared, the boots have been worn, and the gloves have been gathered to protect us against the frigid northern winds and blowing snow.

Finally, last Thursday, I hung the black poofy coat back up in the closet and told it to please have a quiet summer, and that I would see it again next October (?) - I am confident it will stay put as today's high temperature was 73 degrees and, instead of a snow storm forecast for Monday, the high should be 80 degrees!

Come on Summer!

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