Wednesday, June 5, 2013

You Just Can't Judge a Book by its Cover

Dudley and I decided to walk across the street for an "outing," and were trotting along merrily when we chanced upon a beer bottle which has been laying under one of the trees next to the elementary school. 


Whilst lawn mowing, the operator deemed it unnecessary to pick up said bottle and mowed over it instead, producing an array of shards. We walked past and then I decided it would be prudent to try to pick up as many pieces as I could to protect child and/or canine feet (felines are too smart to step on glass, I understand).

I pulled out an orange poo bag and bent so I could carefully pick up the glass. However, I had to keep telling Dudley to stay away. He commenced to roll over on his side, apparently assuming I was bent over to scratch his belly.

So, there I was, bent over at the waist, big black dog laying at my feet on the side of  a busy four lane street picking up pieces of a brown beer bottle with my fingers and placing them in a poo bag...

Ah, never mind...

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