Friday, February 21, 2014

Wax and Wane and Wee Bairns

Oh, it has been so long since I have put pen to paper. Er, fingers to keyboard. Writing (aka blogging) is one of those little self-nagging “I should be doings/I want to be doings” which always seem to slip down my daily list of things to do.

Ah well.

Anyway, Hello to all of you out there who are reading this! So nice for you to stop by!

What has been keeping me busy these days, you ask?

Well, my father is still in a nursing home where his dementia can be monitored. My sister and I visit him weekly and most days he is, what they call, “comfortably confused.” He is his old amiable and pleasant self albeit with pieces of his memory (i.e. life) missing. However, there are also those few days when he gets agitated (and when, we assume, he becomes frightened at the changes which are going on around him) – on these occasions he can usually be comforted and soothed within a short period of time. He still finds having his wallet with a few dollars and redacted ID an important piece of him, as well as daily contact with my mother. Dementia is an interestingly complex and heartbreaking part of many people's lives, and my sisters, my mother and I are watching my “daddy's” brilliant and curious mind slip away.

So, I find incredible comfort in creating with my hands, and my brain. The dolls I have made keep multiplying like guppies. Thank goodness I have three sisters, a mother, a daughter, two step-daughters, and four grand-daughters who seem to like being recipients of my creativity! For many years I have wanted to make dolls – I don't know why (perhaps its a part of my inner child who has been knocking to get out) – anyway, as many of you already know, I have had a solid chance to let all of those “wee bairns” out.

Faeries, and primitive, and forms who leap; stick figures, and bobble heads, and elves who ride leaves; made from all sorts of things like fabric, clay, naturals, and felt; whatever works with my mind-heart and hands.

And a week ago, I fell in love with needle felting...

I think you might guess that these are just a small example of my flying fingers!

It's keeping me sane, and contented, at least.


Yarrow said...

Hello my dear,

Sorry to read about your Father, I have personal experience of this with my Mother in Law. It's a difficult illness to deal with!

Your dolls are lovely and there is another who is ready to return to the fold :D

Take care.x

Isabelle said...

Welcome back. What wonderful dolls!